Jan. 14th, 2014

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Smut All the Episodes: Episodic AUs that keep to the original plot while still fitting in River/Eleventh Doctor sexytiemz.

You're the sun who makes me shine: It’s not like he meant to find her – he was bored. Amy and Rory were tired, they spent an awful lot of time in their room together. He’s never had companions who were so sleepy before. Really. So he’d thought – what harm would a little side adventure, all on his own, hurt? They’d sleep right through it!

The Last Pond: Eleven misses all his Ponds... and sometimes forgets that one is still with him

To be in bed with a giraffe: 11/River

Wedding Night: Fairly explanatory

In going twice around the tree: “And what are you so pleased about, my bad girl?” His voice startled her and she whirled around, a hand clutched to her chest as she noticed him, leaning against her cell bars – still wide open from her break out to go have a little fun.

I like my body when it is with your body After the running is done, after the adrenaline is finished rushing through her body, after the old girl is safely back in the vortex once again, after the adventure is over – she likes to unwind.

YOU AND ME AND THE TARDIS MAKES THREE: Simultaneously sexy and fluffy, the TARDIS plays matchmaker to get the Doctor to deal with his "big boy feelings".


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