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Never done a permissions post before - well, I've replied to other peoples' but I've never made one of my own. SO LET'S SEE HOW THIS GOES.

OOC Permissions
Player Name: Bri/Brianna
Preferred method of contact: PM, AIM, or Email. If you aren't in a game with me where I've provided the last two, just PM and ask. :) OH OR PLURK. PLURK'S A THING.

1) Backtagging - ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS.
2) Threadhopping - Yes.
3) Fourthwalling - Preferably no.
4) Canon Puncture - No.
5) Offensive subjects - Poor grammar. Only thing I can think of at the moment is rape. Or when people don't understand mental health disorders or sexuality. Eh, just ask. Might be easier that way.

IC Permissions

Hugging this character: River isn't against hugs, but she's unlikely to like strangers glomping her. She prefers to know a person first. So that's a yes with CR. She'll hug back. Or get handsy.

Kissing this character: Yes - River will either tell you to back off/punch you in the face, kiss back, or you'll experience her hallucinogenic lipstick.

Flirting with this character: Yes - Flirting is how she communicates most frequently. Although she is technically married so you may have to deal with an awkwardly jealous husband.

Lying to this character: Yes. But River's good at detecting lies so she might call out your character on it at some point. This is up for discussion if a secret needs to be kept for plot reasons. Basically let me know what lies River is allowed to see through.

Fighting with this character: Depends on the situation, but probably yes. Best to ask.

Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Slapping, punching/bruising. Keep in mind that River is quite physically strong and anyone who attacks her will be attacked back. Willing to discuss more severe injuries for plot possibilities.

Killing this character: No thanks, she's been there, done that!

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: This one's tricky. Depends on the situation. River has some psychic training as a result of traveling with the Doctor, and she dislikes people probing her mind without permission. Discuss as needed.

Extra Permissions for River

1. Can she tell when your character is lying?
2. As an archaeologist from the future, is she aware of your character's time period/culture? (i.e. Would anything about your time period have made it into the history books or have your people been secretive/erased from all records?)


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